How It Works

How To Use AIVA

(It’s easy!)

Train AIVA

Tell AIVA about yourself

Rate what you find attractive. Share your favorite hobbies, events, career interests and more. AIVA learns from your preferences, and gets to know you. And unlike certain platforms, we will NEVER sell any of your data. What goes in the app, stays in the app.

Let AI do its magic

AIVA uses some of the most advanced AI in place to find and refine the people and events you see. By analyzing millions of data points, AIVA shows you better, more accurate suggestions. Intelligent learning means it keeps getting better, too.

Meet New People

Find interesting people and events near you

Whether you want to date, go to awesome events, meet new friends or grow your network, AIVA shows you the people and activities you just can’t miss. Get alerted to the best events going on near you, and meet other AIVA users who have the same interests.

Connect and meet

Send connection requests to the AIVA users you want to meet. If they accept, it’s a match! Chat in the app, then get out there and meet.

Get to the good stuff, faster

It’s never been easier to find better dates, meet nearby professionals, and attend fun events near you.

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