Meet Our Team

Tinder. Facebook. Meetup.

What if you combined these into a single, easy to use app that cuts out the BS? No bogus matches or meaningless hookups. No selling of data. No more multiple apps just to find something cool to do or someone interesting to meet.

We’ve designed AIVA to make finding the right people faster, easier, and more fun than ever. It’s the smart social app you’ve been waiting for, and it’s ready to change the way you connect.

Using AI to find better real-world connections

Share your preferences and interests

Powerful AI algorithms find you the best matches

Meet people near by

Have fun

The Team

Nicholas Frontiere

Nick is the founder of AIVA. An expert in supercomputer algorithms, he began working at age 16 at Los Alamos National Labs. He graduated from UCLA in 2013 with a degree in physics and mathematics, and went on to earn numerous graduate fellowships. He’s been a multi-year finalist for the Gordon Bell supercomputing prize, and has also conducted research for Argonne National Laboratory.